Bela balog

Street Art Vision

Experimental Video

Simple lines, shapes, shading and colors are often a more difficult way to tell a story visually. Yet this is the way that most naturally and accurately expresses mood, opinion, and freedom.The latter, i.e. freedom, is the most basic thesis of the artistic approach. Without it, there is no real art, only limited thinking.Presenting the world, revealing the truth. People look up to and pay attention to artists. This comes with responsibility. We can show reality, freedom and justice. This can inspire everyone in their field later.

bela balog

De Mundi Statu

Experimental Video

Image of the world

has changed many times,

and its orderly state

has often declined,

and is disordered in the

its order and form,

in name it stands, but it is destructive.

it has been destroyed.

The old line is changed,

O morals are lost,

new ones grow in their place,

More and more cruel;

Every man his own friend,

I'll do anything for a companion;

the earth blesses not Saturn,

but Pluto is dreaded.

Bela Balog


Experimental Video

It is the beginning of everything, and also the continuation of everything, and finally the end of everything. And then everything starts all over again.

Bela Balog


Experimental Video

Energy surrounds us everywhere at birth, during life and at the moment of death. All our breaths, moments, movements, and thoughts are nourished by it.

Virtual Solo Exhibition

Make Art Gallery - Rome (Italy)