The colourful world of Bela Balog

Study of Surrealism - Portrait 1  64x88cm Study of Surrealism - Portrait 2  60x90cm Exhibition 60x90cm
Athlete 48x66 cm A Portrait of the Mind 48x66cm Rose of Fairies 50x75cm Fairy Ilona 50x75cm


Bela Balog was born in 1970 (Senta). He lives and works in Budapest, Hungary.

Simple lines, shapes, shading and colors are often a more difficult way to tell a story visually. Yet this is the way that most naturally and accurately expresses mood, opinion, and freedom.The latter, i.e. freedom, is the most basic thesis of the artistic approach. Without it, there is no real art, only limited thinking.Presenting the world, revealing the truth. People look up to and pay attention to artists. This comes with responsibility. We can show reality, freedom and justice. This can inspire everyone in their field later.

"All my artworks are a process of a story, a plot. Stories that surround my narrower or wider environment. Sometimes it’s a simple newspaper article or a photo inspired, but there are times when it’s a literary work, a movie, or the streets around my residence, the riverside, or the people."



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All digital artworks by Bela Balog are unique (1/1 limited edition), printed on foam board, with Certificate of Authenticity , signed by the artist.

Major Awards

Gold List Award for Top Contemporary Artists of Today juried by Art Market Magazine (Israel), Redwood Media/Art Group (USA), Discovery Art Fair (Germany) and Florence Biennale (Italy) - 2022

Donatello International Prize (Italy) - 2023

Gallery Ring (USA) - Crystal Artist of February - 2023

Upward Gallery (Georgia) - Second Place Winner, Artist of the Month Competition - 2023

Art Vue Prize Fall - Bruxelles (Belgium) - 2nd Prize - 2022

Art Vue Foundation's Yearly Prize - Bruxelles (Belguim) - Special Mention - 2022

Upward Gallery (Georgia) - First Place Winner, Rivers and Bridges Art Competition - 2022

Upward Gallery (Georgia) - Second Place Winner, Autumn Vibes Art Competition - 2022

Art Vue Prize Summer - Bruxelles (Belgium) - Special Mention Award - 2022

Art Show International Gallery (USA) - ABSTRACT- 5 - 2022 - International Juried Art Competition - Talent Prize Award

Helvet Art - (Switzerland) March Show - Honorable Mention Award - 2022

Make Art Gallery - Rome (Italy) - ArtNoise III - Attestato Di Merito Artistico - 2022

Brouhaha Art Gallery, (Hong Kong) - "Blankwalls" - 2022 - Distinguished Award

Gallery Ring (USA) - "People" - 2022 - Award of Merit

Art Vue Prize Spring - Bruxelles (Belgium) - TOP 30 Award - 2022

Make Art Gallery - Rome (Italy) - Just Art 7 - Attestato Di Merito Artistico - 2022

Age of Dreams - Desire 50x75 cm - SOLD Soulmates 60x90 cm New Beginning - Step Two 60x90 cm

SOLO Exhibitions

Tales of Pictures - Art Exhibition in Argumented Reality - Piazzale Michelangelo, Florence, Italy - from 15th to 31th May 2022

Virtual Solo Exhibition, Make Art Gallery (Italy)

Art Show International Gallery, Los Angeles (USA)

Online exhibition on JaamZIN Creative (Singapore)

Dream 40x60 cm Faces No.1 40x60 cm Eruption 50x75 cm

GROUP Exhibitions

Czong Institute for Contemporary Art , Gimpo (South Korea) - International Exhibition "TEXT-URE" - from 12th July to 30th July 2023

Czong Institute for Contemporary Art , Gimpo (South Korea) - International Exhibition "BREATH" - from 21st June to 9th July 2023

Tebbs Art Prize, VO Curations, First Floor Gallery, Mayfair – April 16-22 2023

A Cube Gallery, Sofia (Bulgaria) - Abstract Art Contest 21x21 - from 21st February to 21st March 2023

Golden Duck Gallery, Budapest Art For Peace (Hungary) from 1st February to 20th February 2023

Progress - Millepiani, Rome (Italy), curated by LoosenArt - from 4th to 12th January 2023

MIAMI Artweeks (USA) - December 2022

Windsor Art Fair - UK - from 25th November to 27th November

Golden Duck Gallery, Budapest (Hungary), The Beginning - from 1th November to 26th November 2022

Casa del Arte, Palma de Mallorca (Spain) - from 24th October to 5th November 2022

Urbanside Gallery, Zürich, Switzerland, Artboxy Selection - from 1st to 30th September 2022

Thomson Gallery, Zug, Switzerland, Artboxy Selection - from 1st to 30th September 2022

Lelie Galerij, Amsterdam (Ned), Artboxy Selection - from 1st to 30th September 2022

SWISS ART EXPO, Zürich (Switzerland) - Artbox Project - from 24th to 28th August 2022

KreativRaum Galerie, Vienna (Austria) - Let's Dance - from 1st to 12th August 2022

Art Number 23 Gallery - Athens (Greece) - Athens Open Art - from 3rd June to 9th June 2022

Kulturschoepfer, Green Hill Gallery (Berlin) - The Notion of Normalcy, from 20th May to 19th August 2022

Boomer Gallery, London (UK) - ICON, Second Edition, from 11th to 17th March 2022

Age of Dreams - Perception 50x75 cm Flora 50x75 cm New Beginning-Step One 60x90 cm
Danse Macabre  -Coda 60x90 cm Faces No.2 40x60 cm Emotions - Anger 40x60 cm